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Add Sponsor Graphics to the Webcast

Who Should Read this Guide?

This document describes how to add one or more sponsor graphics to your webcast. Similar to a watermark, the sponsor graphic can remain displayed on the video throughout the webcast. Multiple sponsor graphics can be displayed in a cycle at a specified interval.
In this example, the sponsor is displayed in the upper, right-hand corner of the video.
This guide is intended for those who want to present a persistent brand of a team sponsor that the audience will see throughout the webcast.

The only things you need to webcast with sponsor graphics are:

Step 1: Obtain the Sponsor Graphics

Sponsor graphics can be in either JPG or PNG format. Typically, the sponsor of your team, program, or league will give you the sponsor graphics you need. Don't forget, you can have multiple sponsor graphics--Event-Cast can rotate the graphics in the video feed at a time interval you specify.

Each sponsor graphic should be at most 170 pixles wide and 50 pixels high. If your sponsor graphics exceed these limits, Event-Cast will scale the image to these dimensions.

Step 2: Transfer the Sponsor Graphics to your iOS Device

In order to use the sponsor graphics during the webcast, the images need to be transferred to the Camera Roll on the iPhone or iPad that will perform the webcast. One of the easiest ways to transfer the graphics is to email the graphics to the iOS device. In the email app on the iOS device, tap the graphic that you emailed to yourself and select "Save to Camera Roll."

Another method you can use to transfer the graphics to your iOS device is Text Messaging. You can send yourself a text message and attach the sponsor graphic to the message. When you receive the text message, tap the graphic attachment and choose "Save to Camera Roll."

Step 3: Select and Turn On the Sponsor Graphics for the Webcast

When you are ready to webcast the event, in the Event-Cast App camera screen, tap the Settings button and the settings menu will appear. Tap the Sponsor Graphics menu item to fine tune the settings:

  • Add Sponsor Graphic: This item allows you to pick an individual graphic from the Camera Roll. Choose this option repeatedly to add multiple sponsor graphics.
  • Auto-Change Sponsor: If you added more than one sponsor graphic choose this option to specify the time interval that Event-Cast will rotate the sponsor graphics.
  • Position: This option allows you to specify the region of the video that the graphic will be placed.
  • Sponsor Graphics: This option allows you to remove sponsor graphics. Swipe horizontally on a graphic to remove it from the list.
After setup, turn the sponsor graphics On in the main settings menu. Now, the graphics will be displayed in the video and your audience will see them during the broadcast until you return to the settings menu and turn sponsor graphics Off.

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