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Schedule a Webcast

Who Should Read this Guide?

This document describes how to schedule a webcast for later amd shows the options involved with setting up the webcast. It contains an in-depth account of how the scheduling options affect the webcast.
This guide is intended for those who want:

  • More control over setting up the webcast.
  • Ample time to share the webcast before the event begins.

The only two things you need to webcast are:

Sign In

If you are not signed in, click the Sign In link at the top of the Event-Cast App home screen and sign up for an Event-Cast account. Enter a valid email address, a password, and select your time zone. Read more about your account information.

Time and Date

Once you are signed in, tap the Webcast Later button on the Event-Cast App home screen. The app will display the "Event Time and Date" screen prompting you to choose the time and date you want to begin webcasting. Select the time and date that your event is scheduled to begin. Event-Cast will actually allow you to start webcasting about fifteen minutes before the time you select. This will typically give you enough time to setup your iOS camera and test your webcast before the event begins.

Event Description

Tap the Next button and the "Event Description" screen will display. Enter a Title and any Details about the event. This information will show up on the viewer page that your audience will see when watching the webcast. This information also shows up in the "My Webcasts" list, so be sure to make the title somewhat unique so you can easily distinguish between webcasts in a list. For example, if you are webcasting a baseball game, you might want to enter the team names (Reds v Pirates) in the Title field and the location (West Falls H.S.) or tournament (East Regional) in the Details field.

If appropriate for your event, select a Scoreboard type. Event-Cast supports baseball, softball, football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, and lacrosse scoreboards. When you keep the score of the game, the scoreboard shows up right in the video feed and your audience can see the score in real time, along with the action.

Event Details

Tap the Next button and the "Event Details" screen is shown. Select the duration and the maximum number of viewers. The maximum viewers is the number of viewers who can view the live webcast simultaneously. The price of the webcast is based on the combination of duration and the number of viewers. Notice as you select viewers and duration that Event-Cast displays the price of the webcast toward the bottom of the screen.

To save a recording of the webcast, select Yes for archive. Once the live webcast is finished, Event-Cast will archive the webcast and it can be viewed on demand. If the webcast is not archived, the webcast cannot be viewed after the live webcast is finished. Free webcasts will not be archived. To restrict the audience, you may enter a Viewing Password. This password is Not the same password you used to sign up for the Event-Cast account. If you enter a viewing password here and share the webcast with others, you will also need to distribute a password for the webcast in order for your audience to view it.

Event Summary and Purchase

You are almost done. This screen provides a summary of the options you selected for the webcast. There is nothing to fill out on this screen; look it over closely and make sure the webcast details look accurate. If not, click the Back button and correct as needed. Click the Purchase button, and if you have not chosen a free webcast, Apple will prompt you to confirm your purchase. That's it...your webcast is now scheduled.

Thank You! and Share Your Event

The final screen confirms that you have successfully scheduled a webcast. Thank you!

Now the two most important tasks remaining are:

  • Share your webcast with others.
  • Webcast the event at the appropriate time (Event-Cast will send you a reminder email when it is close to start time).

iOS Device

Event-Cast is compatible with: